Public policies, strategies, programs and projects are coming under increasing scrutiny. Regular evaluation can help to ensure that resources are used appropriately and effectively. We evaluate the success and effectiveness of such activities both at home and abroad, whilst identifying possible areas for improvement and providing a sound basis for decision-making.

We carry out evaluation projects on behalf of our clients in the public and private sectors. Our many experts in all the relevant fields provide a reliable basis for scientifically sound findings for crucial real-world decision making.

We offer the following types of evaluations:

  • Concept, implementation and impact evaluations
  • Evaluations of projects, programs, organizations, strategies, action plans, policies, laws and regulations
  • Summative and/or formative evaluations
  • Ex-ante evaluations to assess the future impact of planned measures
  • Accompanying evaluations to ensure the success of implemented measures and facilitate the shared learning of all stakeholders
  • Ex-post evaluations to provide accountability
  • End-of-phase evaluations to prepare for new measures

Our interdisciplinary project teams enable us to apply quantitative and qualitative methods to answer the evaluation questions. We have a network of evaluation experts and specialists with evaluation experience for international evaluation projects.

Our evaluation references cover a wide range of topics, including environmental affairs, transportation, spatial planning, heath, security, energy, resources, agriculture and the food industry, climate, biodiversity, real estate, construction, tourism, forestry, and international development and economic cooperation.

We continuously refine our evaluation methods and regularly publish our results. Several EBP employees are members of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) and the Germany-based DeGEval Evaluation Society.