Public policies, strategies, programs and projects are coming under increasing scrutiny. Regular evaluations are becoming a more important element in the policy development cycle. We evaluate the success and effectiveness of government action domestically and abroad, formulate opportunities for improvement and provide foundations for decision-making.

What are the impacts of public-sector projects and measures? Has a specific political strategy achieved its goals? Were resources used efficiently? And does a specific policy even reflect relevant needs or address current challenges?

The public sector is facing more and more questions about the legitimacy and effect of its actions. Our evaluations subject projects and processes to assessment and review.

We support our clients with:

  • Evaluations of concepts, implementation and impacts
  • Summative and formative evaluations
  • Ex-post evaluations and ex-ante evaluations
  • Evaluation concepts

Thanks to our interdisciplinary project teams, we can apply different quantitative and qualitative sociological methods to answer evaluation questions. In individual projects, we specifically focus our method mix on defining the question. In collaboration with our experts, our work draws on a sound knowledge and understanding of the relevant areas and topics. A number of EBP’s employees are members of the Swiss Society (SEVAL).