Operational optimization (Building technology)

The energy consumption of properties can be reduced through targeted operations optimization. We are pleased to help you identify energy-savings potential in all aspects of operations, and to assist you in continuously reducing energy consumption in the operational phase of a property.


We can advise users or operators of properties on how to make their own day-to-day decisions about energy efficiency measures. This enables them to weigh small sacrifices in comfort against better energy efficiency. But this requires a high degree of personal responsibility.

Energy savings potential may be found in the structure of the building or in building services equipment. What is critical here is having a measurement concept which is able to show the data on overall energy production and use, and what the main energy consumers are. Periodic operational energy optimization measures can help detect malfunctioning plants or systems, such as settings on timers, target values, measurement errors, standby operation, defective valves, or manual adjustments.