We have many years of experience in the design and implementation of anti-littering measures and campaigns. These are adapted to suit the specific situations of municipalities, cities and cantons. In order to provide you with a comprehensive consulting service, our communication professionals work closely together with experts from the waste and security sectors.

We offer:

Situation analysis

With situation analysis we evaluate questions pertaining to “who, what, when and where”. The systematic and situation-specific planning of anti-littering campaigns is the recipe for success for a lastingly effective campaign.

Cost-benefit analyses

Littering incurs around 200 million francs in costs annually in Switzerland. We comprehensively evaluate measures with tools such as benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Measures mix

We work with you to develop a customized package of measures.

Public awareness

Public awareness is everything in the battle against littering. We work with you to develop the core messages, identify the target groups, and determine which communication channels are to be used to place them.

Network and mobilize players

We offer creative ideas for tailored dialogues with the various stakeholders. We are pleased to organize and moderate targeted workshops.


Did the anti-littering campaign accomplish its goal? To what degree did it foster awareness of the issue within the population? We will be happy to support you evaluating ant-littering measures and campaigns.