Throughout the history of our enterprise, we have remained committed to the goal of preserving the earth as our only habitat and securing the well-being of future generations. This is why we have been making relevant contributions to sustainable development in the context of our project work for more than 35 years.

Exploiting opportunities

By incorporating the concept of sustainability into our planning activities, we take a careful approach to realizing well-balanced and future-ready projects. This includes making use of natural, economic and social resources in a manner that is suited to ensuring the long-term preservation of the natural environment, as well as the capacity of future generations to meet their needs. When approaching projects, we identify the available opportunities for sustainable development and exploit these opportunities in consultation with our clients. This allows us to reduce excessive environmental impact and promote positive development.

Balancing conflicting interests

In the context of realizing our projects, we aim for well-balanced forms of development that account for environmental, economic and social factors. Considering the potential tensions that can arise between the various factors, we regard it as essential to establish priorities that protect a project’s overall balance. We believe it is important to make any such conflicting objectives transparent and to discuss them with our clients and other stakeholders. This enables us to overcome apparent conflicts and arrive at expedient, innovative and lasting solutions.

Our notion of sustainable development

There is only one planet earth. We humans must make sure that our activities on earth do not jeopardize its life-giving qualities. We must secure our own ability and that of future generations not only to survive, but to continue to flourish. We also need to give nature sufficient time for necessary adaptations. It is only when a proper balance has been secured for our global ecosystem that a full range of opportunities will present itself for forms of societal development and economic prosperity that will not curtail the capacity of future generations to make free choices concerning their own destinies.

Our TQM policy

We take a comprehensive view of quality. Our total-quality-management (TQM) policy takes account of all of the factors that are relevant to the quality of our services. In addition to our approach to projects, these factors include customer support, human resources, corporate culture, enterprise structure and business processes. Environmental management is also a part of our TQM policy. The main aims here include lowering our environmental impact and promoting sustainable development in the context of our projects. The manner in which we approach and complete our projects therefore plays a central role in our TQM.

Our TQM meets the specifications outlined in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our enterprise locations in Switzerland and Germany have a common TQM system. Our country offices in Chile and Hong Kong operate according to the same TQM principles. Our country offices in Brazil are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.