Soil has many roles to play: as a water filter and repository, as a habitat and as the basis for agricultural production. Soil protection in construction projects aims to minimize land use and prevent contamination and soil compaction. With our expertise we support you in all soil-related issues and stages, from project planning through to execution.

Project-based mapping and soil evaluation

We carry out project-based field recordings (e.g. in accordance with the FAL 24 method) to survey soil properties and evaluate the soil for agricultural quality. These then serve as the basis for planning a project.

Pedological monitoring and support

If large-scale soil interventions are necessary for construction projects or if land is reclaimed, we work to identify viable and practical soil protection measures as a soil construction supervisor (approved by the Swiss Soil Science Society - BGS). We draw up soil protection concepts, act in an advisory capacity when it comes to drafting bid documents and provide support for the implementation of measures on construction sites. We also provide support for the acceptance procedure after a period of land management following remediation.

Contamination investigations and risk assessments

If there are indications of contamination due to specific uses such as vineyards, heavily used streets or family gardens, we conduct investigations and assess possible risks to humans and animals as a result of increased contaminant content.

Dealing with soil contamination during construction (ground displacement)

As specialists for ground displacement, we advise you in how to handle chemically contaminated soil cost-effectively and in compliance with laws and to deal with neophytes (e.g. Japanese knotweed, goldenrod, yellow nutsedge).

Compensation for crop rotation areas / soil improvements 

If your project is subject to a compensation requirement for crop rotation areas or if you are planning soil improvement, we come up with a project suitable for obtaining the necessary approvals and provide support during the implementation process.

Taking composite soil samples to test for the presence of contaminants
Taking composite soil samples to test for the presence of contaminants