Environmental Impact Report for the Näfels-Mollis connecting road

EBP has been commissioned to draft both the Environmental Impact Report and the Short Report (cf. Swiss Major Accidents Ordinance) for the planned Näfels-Mollis connecting road on behalf of the Canton of Glarus.

The Näfels-Mollis connecting road is a part of the multiyear Road Construction Program 2010–2019 initiated by the Canton of Glarus. The connecting road connects the access road to Highway A3 to Molliserstrasse, thereby lightening the traffic flow through the district of Näfels between the highway access road and the district of Mollis. The street also gives motorists access to the industrial park on Schwärzistrasse and eliminates the cut-through traffic in the Hinterdorf district of Mollis. Given that it crosses the railway side of the Escher Park development site, it will provide access to the new business park.

With a total length of 1.3 km, the connecting road runs parallel to Escher Canal in the north and parallel to the SBB railway in the south.

Working together with the Schällibaum AG engineering firm, EBP is designing the connecting road on behalf of the Canton of Glarus, and will also be responsible for drafting the necessary Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the Short Report in accordance with the Swiss Major Accidents Ordinance. The focus of the EIR is on the development of the necessary compensatory and mitigation measures.

According to the current schedule, the implementation project and the EIR are to be submitted for public evaluation and approval in the course of 2016.

Picture Credits: Schällibaum AG

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