Public transportation services (Transportation)

It is often necessary to adapt the scope and nature of the services provided within a public transportation system in response to new capacity demands, expanding network ranges, or new budget constraints. We are specialists when it comes to harmonizing service provision and resource allocation to the latest developments. Our expertise ranges from transportation system selection to high-precision scheduling.

We develop service and operational concepts for new or existing facilities for public authorities, regional authorities, railway undertakings and infrastructure managers. Our concepts are tailored to the needs of passengers and/or the changed operational framework conditions.

We optimize service concepts with regard to the smart deployment of resources, employees and rolling stock. We compare the operational and economic advantages and disadvantages of various service scenarios, taking account of dynamic line transitioning, train platooning, terminal exchange and real-time demand.

Our services include:

Estimation of passenger demand
  • Analysis of demand based on individual or multimodal transportation models
  • Determining the quality of accessibility using self-developed GIS tools
Transport system selection
  • Identification of suitable systems based on demand, vehicle size, distance between stops, network factors and costs
Implementation of scheduling policies
  • Development of suitable solutions using the latest timetable planning software
Resource optimization
  • Ascertainment of optimal resource, employee and rolling stock allocation
  • Determining the optimal infrastructure requirements and their design
  • Weighing up operational and economic advantages and disadvantages, Clem Onojeghuo
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