Due diligence in the building sector

What is the best way to secure the long-term maintenance of exist-ing buildings?
What is the best way to ensure the sustainable use or conversion of buildings? These questions have taken on ever greater signifi-cance in recent years.
With our many years of experience and extensive expertise, we provide comprehensive consulting services to public and private-sector developers as they seek to develop the right strategies for their real-estate projects. We offer you transdisciplinary expertise as a basis for decision making when it comes to transaction pro-cesses and the planning of renovation and building-replacement projects.

As a provider of comprehensive services, our interdisciplinary teams cover all fields of engineering and a variety of specialist areas such as construction law and environmental compliance. To arrive at a sound assessment of your real estate, we combine spe-cialist expertise with pragmatic, experience-based solutions.

Knowledge-based real-estate strategies

We regard on-location visual inspections as key to gaining a holis-tic understanding of your real estate. Based on comprehensive current analyses, we determine any necessary measures and pro-vide a rough estimate of the costs. Working in close consultation with you, we take account of your exact wishes, determine an ideal time for implementation, establish a schedule, and work out a de-tailed strategy.

Technical, ecological and legal evaluations

Drawing on our comprehensive expertise and experience, we pro-vide the following services:

Technical due diligence:

  • Comprehensive current-state building analysis
  • Safety inspection of load-bearing structures
  • Fire-safety inspection
  • Façade inspection
  • Inspection of energy efficiency and building systems
  • Assessment of conversion feasibility

Environmental due diligence:

  • Geological inspection
  • Soil-contamination inspection
  • Hazardous-materials inspection
  • Accident prevention and mitigation inspection

Legal due diligence:

  • Assessment of zoning compliance
  • Assessment of the feasibility of planned renovation and de-velopment projects
  • Review of contracts (e.g. general contractor, rental, insur-ance)

Market due diligence:

  • Location and market analysis
  • Assessment of usage concepts