Feasibility and potential studies

Analyzing solutions, identifying risks, and assessing chances of success - with this procedure, we support you in the context of feasibility or potential studies for development sites and properties, providing you with a basis for strategic decision-making.

Is the development of a site or property feasible and commercially viable? What are the possible development options? At what point do important development decisions have to be made?

In the context of a feasibility or potential study, these and many more questions are addressed. In the process, we assess whether agreed project goals are achievable under the given conditions by means of particular approaches. An economic assessment - i.e. whether project results will deliver the hoped-for benefits - is usually part of the feasibility study.

In the course of the feasibility or potential study, we support you in a number of different ways. We offer:

  • Analysis of the construction and planning-related legal context and economic framework,
  • Calculation and evaluation of 2-hourly shadow study for high-rise buildings,
  • Assessment of the potential of the site or land,
  • Identification of development prospects,
  • Calculation of the profitability of various development options,
  • Creation of a development road map.