Planning study for the University of Bern’s Central Campus Area

EBP has been commissioned to manage the planning study (accredited as per SIA 143) for the University of Bern’s Central Campus area, which is to undergo urban concentration in the framework of the “Strategy 3012” development plan.

In keeping with “Strategy 3012”, which was incorporated into the cantonal development plan in 2004, the University of Bern is planning to complete urban concentration projects at three campus locations. One of these locations is the Mittlere Länggasse central campus area including the Bühl Plaza site which has been readied for development and includes space that will require careful planning.

EBP is helping the Bern Cantonal Real Estate Office (AGG) and the University of Bern to organize and carry out the feasibility study whose aim is to arrive at an optimal plan for exploiting the available space. The results of the study are also expected to provide an important framework for further staged planning for the Mittlere Länggasse site. Ultimately, the results are to be used as a basis for a special-usage plan.

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