Monitoring of the “Badi Muri” study commission

With its “Badi Muri” recreational bathing works and surrounding sports facilities in need of renovation, the municipality of Muri drafted a master plan to outline a number of ideas for development of the entire site. The commissioned study provides the municipality with implementation concepts for the bathing facility: a new entrance area and a year-round restaurant will be created; existing buildings will be converted and new ones constructed. We are accompanying the commissioned study and ensuring the quality of the process together with the evaluation committee.

Our services

  • Creating a process design and organizing a one-stage SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects)-compliant commissioned study; monitoring the process
  • Handing enquiries from the evaluation committee and experts
  • Gathering user needs by involving the object construction committee; organizing and moderating user workshops
  • Designing the commissioned study program
  • Organizing and moderating the interim and final presentations
  • Preliminary review of project submissions
  • Supporting the municipality in coordinating the commissioned study with the parallel process involving the renovation of pool facilities

Picture Credits: © EBP, Christina Kohl

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