Critical Processes and Infrastructure at ETH Zurich

We supported a working group at ETH Zirkow in creating an overview of the university’s critical processes and infrastructure, which can now be used as a basis to help mitigate potential negative effects in the event of an incident. We also developed measures to strengthen the university’s critical processes. Our analysis was based on a business impact analysis (BIA) and the federal government's approach to protecting critical infrastructure.

Our services

  • Identifying core processes and necessary resources
  • Determining the criticality of the core processes
  • Identifying dependencies between the core processes
  • Developing measures for increased protection
  • Reporting to the Risk Management Commission of ETH Zurich and the ETH Board
  • Consulting with ETH Zurich’s Financial Services Department and Safety, Security, Health and Environment Department (SSHE)

Image: Maintaining critical processes at ETH Zurich
Picture Credits: © ETH Zürich, Alessandro Della Bella

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