Business Continuity Management for the city of Lucerne

As part of its risk management program, the Swiss city of Lucerne regularly reviews its important and critical processes from a business continuity management (BCM) perspective. We advised city and its departments in the updating of the business impact analysis (BIA). Based on the findings, we developed a set of recommendations for individual and overarching measures, thus providing the basis for closing gaps or updating processes.

Our services

  • Business impact analysis (BIA) over the important processes within the five directorates and the City Chancellery
  • Determining criticality (important and critical), description of resources, key persons and existing measures
  • Verifying and checking plausibility; identifying cross-cutting issues and interdependencies
  • Determining the lacking and possible measures and the direct need for action
  • Compilation of a final report with recommendations for implementation and the BCM strategy

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