Energy consulting: construction (Real estate)

If you are looking to build in a resource-friendly and energy-efficient manner, and need expert advice combined with inspiration for sustainable energy and technology solutions, you need look no further. Our experienced specialists advise and support you in your new-build or renovation project - from the drawing board and planning stages, through to implementation and management.

Whether at home or abroad, we support our customers in optimizing their energy efficiency across the board and taking a sustainable approach in their construction projects.

Our experienced team of building services and mechanical engineers is active in the following areas in particular:

  • Strategic consultation and potential studies for all energy- and environment-related aspects of site and real-estate development
  • Developer consulting and representation services in questions of energy and interior comfort, as well as sustainability issues
  • Study contracts such as feasibility studies or options appraisals for buildings and building technologies
  • Monitoring and judging competitions related to energy and sustainability issues for individual buildings or entire areas
  • Planning guidelines for development and planning processes
  • Building concepts in a 2,000-watt society (e.g. MINERGIE-P-ECO, MINERGIE-A, German Sustainable Building Council DGNB Swiss, Label Nachhaltiges Bauen LNB (Swiss Sustainable Building Label))
  • Consulting and planning services for all kinds of shared energy systems for areas and districts (e.g. district heating/cooling, “anergy” (waste heat) networks, central wood-fired heating systems, geothermal probes, etc.)
  • Technical due diligence inspections and expertise
  • Development of papers on the topic of energy at design and master-planning levels


The projects we develop are extremely diverse and frequently make waves beyond community, regional or national contexts. We provide support for renovation projects as well as new-builds from the start of the project to completion and operation.


We place special importance on the following issues:

  • Low-tech, smart-tech
  • Natural ventilation concepts
  • Climate control without cooling units
  • CO2-neutral heating/cooling systems
  • Seasonal energy storage, e.g. underground
  • Architectural optimization to reduce cooling loads and improve daylighting

Thanks to our close collaboration with authorities, companies and associations as well as those in various building-related fields, our solutions are based on the current state of research and practice and are planned in an integrated manner. The scope of our work includes generating an overview of the various opportunities and risks in a system as a whole, as well as analyzing detailed issues in depth.

Our clients include developers, architects, municipal authorities and operations managers in Switzerland and abroad.