Geographic information systems

Many questions and decisions in business, politics and administration have a spatial aspect. We assist you with topics in which this spatial component plays an important role, providing comprehensive expertise in geographic information systems (GIS): from system evaluations, modelling, concepts and studies to custom implementation of workflows and analysis tools.

Having been an Esri Business Partner for many years, we are very familiar with the Esri GIS portfolio. Besides we use Safe Software FME, R, Python and open-source products in many projects.

We offer you:

  • Strategic, organizational and process consulting: We develop strategies, studies and concepts that enable your organization to optimize your use of digital information and information systems.
  • Analyses: Using spatial and statistical analyses we answer interdisciplinary questions arising in areas such as mobility, infrastructure, security, environment and spatial planning.
  • Data models: We work closely with you to develop data models that are tailored to your needs. Our precise requirements analysis ensures that you will be able to use and manage your data effectively and efficiently.
  • Tools: We develop custom enhancements for geographic information systems, beginning with requirements specification through to implementation of the desired tool for your IT environment.