Are Strava data a reliable source of information for bike-traffic planning?

Strava is a sports-tracking app and platform that enables its users to record and document their running and cycling activities. Working on behalf of the Canton of Zurich Department of Transportation, EBP designed a study to determine whether crowdsourcing data from the Strava app represent a reliable source of information that could be used when addressing issues relating to bike traffic. The scope of the study included an analysis of the following factors: recreational/day-to-day and commuter traffic; route selection in relation to bike-path planning; existing bikeway infrastructure; and the specific group of Strava users.

Our services

  • Data analyses based on the client’s principle questions
  • Correlation analyses involving data drawn from cantonal bike-traffic meters
  • Comparison of bike-traffic activity indicated by Strava and data pertaining to bike-related infrastructure, bike-network planning (including network gaps), and the cantonal road network
  • Development of analytics tools in Python, R, SQL (PostgreSQL / PostGIS), FME
  • Assessments of data quality and volume
  • Analysis of the risks and opportunities associated with the public-sector use of Strava data

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