Strategy for Enhancing the Usability of Digital Tax Services

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) is digitizing its services. We are helping the agency by establishing a user-centered design approach aimed at orienting FTA services to the needs of their users right from the start.

Therefore we worked a strategy on how this incorporation can succeed involvingall stakeholders. We developed measures and are supporting their implementation.

Our services

  • Conducting interviews with FTA employees
  • Analyzing the current situation: To what extent are user-centered design approaches already established at the FTA?
  • Developing clear UX (user-experience) goals in strategy workshops with tax specialists and IT development teams
  • Defining strategic goals and fields of action
  • Developing personas
  • Designing and launching measures to implement the strategy
  • Undertaking communication measures for UX knowledge transfer
  • Defining the UX design process and integrating it into the product development process
  • Developing a UX governance and implementing UX in all relevant IT processes

Contact persons