Communication activities for projects in the public eye require a good feel for the salient characteristics of the project in question. At EBP, we combine expertise in various fields with communications knowhow, which enables us to provide a wide array of incisive communications services in the fields of environment, resources, energy, construction, space, transport and infrastructure.

Every project, whether it is a planning process, a construction project or a funding program, affects a variety of stakeholders, each of whom has their own questions and requirements.

We advise our clients on how to communicate effectively with their stakeholders, develop communication strategies and concepts, and answer relevant questions such as: Which individuals and groups are we addressing? What channels and activities can we employ to reach them? What are the messages that need to be conveyed, and what arguments support these? And what is the ideal timing for delivering the various communication activities?

We offer the full range of services when it comes to turning ideas into reality, from drafting the detailed concept, to design and layout work, as well as the actual content. We work with every kind of media, from printed materials, to websites and explanatory films. We also provide support for media conferences and information events, ensuring that they run smoothly and leave a lasting, positive impression.