Organization of landowners

Real estate and area development projects often involve more than one landowner. How can landowners organize themselves to coordinate their interests and take a concerted approach to the tasks and challenges they face? We help our clients to select and establish appropriate organizational structures and handle both the technical and administrative details.

If a number of landowners are involved in a real estate venture or area development, coordination is a must. What are the interests of each individual landowner? Is joint action or common representation of interests vis-à-vis third parties necessary? How should landowners communicate with the public? Often, a number of other questions have to be cleared up on issues such as land exchange, compensation between landowners, joint preparation of planning documents and instruments, creation and operation of infrastructure, such as parking facilities and public spaces.

We assist private and public landowners in handling the organizational issues of real estate and area development with a number of services:

  • Bringing together landowners to take a joint approach to development projects
  • Assistance with the selection and establishment of suitable organizational structures and if necessary assuming management responsibility
  • Organization and moderation of joint real estate and area development processes
  • Consultancy services with regard to land-exchange and compensation issues among landowners

In the process, we draw on our years of experience in complex area developments.