Planning proposal for real estate development project in Neuhausen am Rheinfall

The municipality of Neuhausen am Rheinfall has initiated a real estate development project involving the construction of a mixed-use complex with retail stores, service centers and residential apartments at a central location near an industrial site known as Industrieplatz Ost. With the aim of generating a suitable development proposal, Losinger Marazzi AG commissioned EBP to organize a design competition involving five architectural teams and to draft a district development plan on the basis of the subsequently approved development plan.

Losinger Marazzi AG is planning to develop a large site at a central location in the municipality of Neuhausen am Rheinfall. In order to secure development proposals reflecting the desired architectural quality and the relevant urban-planning specifications, the firm joined forces with municipality officials, EBP and an independent jury of experts to solicit suitable development proposals.

The aim of the competition was to secure a basis for further planning in the form of an urban development plan that could be submitted to municipal officials in the context of subsequent approval procedures. The scope of the assignment included the generation of a design concept that would take account of the site’s connection to the adjacent industrial zone.

At the end of their deliberations, the members of the jury selected a proposal entitled ”OPEN CENTER” as the winner, a proposal which had been submitted by the architectural firm Dachtler and Partner AG.

The project proposal provided a basis for a partial revision of Neuhausen am Rheinfall’s municipal development plan. Moreover, together with recommendations submitted by the jury, it also enabled the drafting of a preliminary project plan, which, in turn, is to serve as a basis for an adaptation of the municipal development plan and the drafting of a district development plan.

In the framework of the design competition, EBP was responsible for creating the functional specifications document, organizing various workshops and events and drafting the final report. After the jury had selected the winning proposal, EBP was subsequently commissioned to organize and manage the development of the district plan (Link zum Projekt 216‘180, wenn dieses auf die Homepage aufgeschaltet wird).

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