Pavatex Süd: From Guiding Principle to Participatory Study Commission

The Swiss municipality of Cham and Cham Group AG, the owner of a nearly 4.5 acre undeveloped site in the north of Cham known as Pavatex Süd, have joined forces to work out plans for the site’s development. What is currently an industrial site is to be developed for a variety of mixed uses including residential, commercial, educational and recreational areas, while also linking the site as seamlessly as possible to the adjacent Papieri site. To this end, we formulated guiding principles and also designed and carried out a participatory study commission.

Our services

  • Moderating the process with definition of objectives and development of guiding principles
  • Providing process support with preparation and implementation of a study commission
  • Incorporating the 3D model created by Raumgleiter AG
  • Qualitative reviewing of shadow analyses
  • Comparing project designs based on their floorspaces
  • Coordinating the assessment committee and technical experts
  • Designing and conducting the public participation events and contributing findings to the study commission
  • Documenting the information for further processing in the indicative project

Picture Credits Main Image: © Beat Bühler

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