Industry and cluster analysis

The increasingly globalized nature of business presents new challenges for traditional structures and industries. The new reality is characterized by rapid structural change and the collapse of traditional divisions of labor and forms of collaboration. What are the biggest of these challenges and how should companies deal with them? We can show you possible strategies for the future.

We have been experiencing fundamental changes in business since the 2000s. Fast-growing markets in newly industrialized countries and developing countries, digitization, new ways of communicating, greater mobility, and shorter investment and amortization cycles all call into question traditional business models. Industries have been changing quickly as a result and innovation is becoming ever-more important. Geographic and social connectedness is becoming a key competitive factor. Clusters, or cross-industry networks, are starting to drive innovation and regional prosperity.

We provide insight into how industries and clusters have developed in the past and where they are going in the future. The scope of our analyses includes the following:

  • Industry and cluster structures and their trends and challenges
  • Competitiveness and potential market developments for specific industries
  • Consequences of industry-specific regulation
  • Labor markets and the availability of suitably-qualified workers
  • Cluster strategies for site development

Our incisive analyses allow us to provide our public and private clients with support when it comes to:

  • Developing future-ready strategies and funding approaches
  • Cluster formation and connectedness
  • Market sounding and defining business segments

Our industry and cluster analyses give you the benefit of our extensive expertise in economic development and related incentives, innovation policy, land policy and land development.