Rail operators face competing demands as they seek to achieve greater cost effectiveness while at the same time meeting high levels of expectation in terms of safety standards and availability. While resources for investments in safety remain limited, people's expectations of safe operation are increasingly on the rise. It is therefore necessary to systematically deal with the specific risks and their viability.

We have many years of extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Quantitative or qualitative analyses of risks
  • Assessment of risks to people, environment and property
  • Planning and implementation of safety precautions
  • Safety management
  • Risks arising from the transport and handling of dangerous goods
  • Tunnel safety

We attach special importance to the following issues and services:

  • Comprehensive risk overviews in entire systems
  • Detailed analysis of specific sub-issues in rail traffic
  • Identification of cost-effective measures to ensure efficient use of available resources
  • Training, facilitation and communication

We lay the groundwork for decision-making for the various operators and owners of rail facilities and companies as well as government authorities at home and abroad.