Traffic engineering and simulation

Road traffic infrastructure is being operated at maximum capacity in many cities and towns today. The optimization of intersections and transportation networks can therefore be expected to continue to gain in significance as we go forward.

We support our clients when it comes to optimizing transportation networks in a manner that takes account of all forms of transportation, as well as the needs of the people who live in the vicinity of transportation infrastructure. We develop intelligent structural and operational solutions for smooth transportation systems.

Our work includes the further development of existing transportation systems and streetscapes. To help ensure the conflict-free, safe and settlement-friendly management of large volumes of traffic, we use our skills in the areas of design and traffic engineering. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies, capacity analyses and project review and verification
  • Traffic-flow Simulation
  • Pedestrian-flow analysis and simulation
  • Traffic engineering services for road construction and maintenance projects
  • Traffic management concepts

We use the latest instruments and other proven IT tools (e.g. tools in the PTV software family), adapting and developing these to meet the specific needs of our Clients.