We plan and realize sanitation systems for our public and private-sector clients. We ensure that their buildings are properly supplied with water and that this water is properly recycled or disposed of after its use. We also deploy innovative instruments to complete complex planning tasks for building-engineering systems. And when the planning phase is complete, we go on to ensure high-quality system installation, oversee commissioning processes, and provide expert advice in all matters of operational optimization.

We work on residential, commercial, and administrative buildings of all kinds, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and nursing homes.

Ensuring optimal technical services for your building

  • Water purification systems
  • Water recycling systems
  • Thermal solar systems
  • Disposal concepts for rainwater and graywater
  • Water retention and infiltration systems
  • Preliminary studies and concepts
  • System planning and calls to tender
  • Ascertainment of investment and operation costs
  • Schedule and cost monitoring
  • Construction management
  • System and facility commissioning and acceptance
  • Operational support and optimization

We are currently completing the planning work for numerous projects. These include the new Swiss Re office building on the Mythenquai in Zurich, an addition to Klinik Schloss in Mammern, and the renovation and redesign of ETH Zurich’s Rämihofgarage and the forecourt to the main building. Our specialties also include work on heritage buildings. For instance, we are completing planning work for the comprehensive renovation of Zurich’s Central Station, the Zurich Plaza building, and the Geroldswil Municipal Center.

We also completed the sanitation planning work for the Dolder Grand in Zurich, the security-control building at Zurich Airport, and the main operations building of Kernser Edelpilze GmbH.