Environmental Impact Assessment (Environment)

As a developer, do you ask yourself which environmental regulations apply to your project or whether even an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is required? Are you looking for someone to guide you through this process who can deal with both environmental agencies and environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs)? Do you need a partner who is also familiar with environmental problems on construction sites within the context of on-site environmental monitoring? Then you've come to the right place!

You as a developer are faced with a wide range of environmental regulations at central and local level during the planning and implementation stages. The competent authorities hold you responsible for compliance with all of these regulations. For larger-scale projects, compliance is usually based on an environmental impact assessment report, while smaller projects use some kind of reduced environmental impact statements. And sometimes it's not clear whether an EIA is required or not. In these kinds of cases, the appropriate form of environmental reporting must be established in cooperation with the developers and the environmental agencies.

Our services:

  • Clarification of whether an EIA is required and the likelihood of project approval at an early stage
  • Drafting of environmental impact assessment reports and environmental impact statements
  • Defining and planning of environmental protection and compensation measures
  • Consultation with the developers during the approval process
  • Environmental monitoring and supervision of soil protection measures at construction sites
  • Formal environmental sign-off and evaluation of success of realized projects
  • Public relations and, if necessary, involvement of environmental organizations entitled to raise objections
  • Advice on how to approach new topics (e.g., climate)