We foster a corporate culture that is characterized by shared interests, openness, joy, creativity and the free exchange of ideas. Trust and respect serve as a basis for how we deal with one another.

We encourage our employees to approach their work with a spirit of enterprise, and we like to decentralize responsibility as much as possible. Our leadership style is cooperative and objective, and we make decisions as a team whenever possible. This entails taking into account different points of view and striving for consensus.

A team of various experts is committed to finding a sustainable solution.

Our organization centers around carefully chosen interdisciplinary teams led by experienced project leaders. At the beginning of each project, we conduct a careful analysis of the task entrusted to us, thus laying the groundwork for smooth project execution.

Our employees take responsibility from their very first day, but they also receive the very best support. More senior employees are assigned to assist new employees when they start out. Orientation mornings and two-day external seminars also help new employees quickly get a secure foothold. One important goal of orientation is to enable new hires to quickly take on full responsibility for their own work and projects, as well as for building relationships with clients and contributing to the development of our company.

Internal exchange


A pleasant environment

We do everything we can to ensure that we are an attractive employer, and we strive for continual improvement. In pursuit of this goal, we invest in good terms of employment and overall conditions as well as in a cooperative personnel culture and corporate ethos. Employees enjoy a great deal of day-to-day flexibility thanks to our annualized hours approach. Many of our employees also take advantage of the option of working part-time or from home when projects, customers and team setups allow. We do this to foster a healthy work-life balance that meets everyone’s needs.

Our flexible, modern spaces in Stadelhofen in central Zurich create a pleasant, constructive work environment and provide the ideal conditions for communication and focused work, both alone and in teams.