The supply and use of energy have been one of the cornerstones of our society. Energy supply is expected to be reliable, affordable, safe and environmentally sustainable. The means with which we meet our energy needs are fundamentally changing. EBP is active as a consultant to the stakeholders in the energy industry as they seek solutions to meeting these new challenges.

The transformation of our system of energy supply continues apace as progress is made towards the development of renewable sources of energy, energy-efficiency solutions and the phased abandonment of nuclear power. This change has been accelerated by the creation of the EU Internal Energy Market and the liberalization of energy markets in general. As the cost effectiveness of conventional power plants and business models comes under ever greater scrutiny, stakeholders in the energy industry find themselves facing new challenges.

Considering these developments, we show our clients how to design our future energy systems and to address the three goals of energy security, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability simultaneously:

  • Sectoral analyses of electric mobility and both household and commercial demand for heat and power show the future development of the demand side and options for sector coupling.
  • Economic analyses show the significance of renewable sources of energy or the impact of a cantonal energy concept.
  • Forecasts and scenarios of energy sector developments show us ways of securing our supply of energy in the future and making energy demand in buildings and transportation systems more flexible.
  • Investigations at the interface of energy and meteorology give us a better understanding of the effective use of renewable sources of energy such as the sun and wind.