Quantitative Analysis for the VSE Distribution Grid Study 2050

What impact will electromobility, photovoltaics and heat pumps have on Switzerland’s power distribution grid? On behalf of the Swiss Association of Power Suppliers (VSE), we examined this issue together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa). The focus of our efforts centered on a regionalization of national development scenarios for eight grid operators and part of their supply area. We analyzed the distribution grid at low and medium voltage, and on the national level at high voltage, thereby providing VSE important components for its Grid Study 2050.

Our services

  • Defining common data interfaces and formats
  • Considering existing grid topography (households and transformer zones) and its development due to population growth
  • Regionalizing national scenarios up to the year 2050 for electromobility, photovoltaics and heat pumps down to the household level (low voltage)
  • Modeling of the hourly load profiles for electromobility at low, medium and high voltage, according to different charging point types (home, work, points of interest, fast)

Picture Credits:, Антон Дмитриев

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