Facilitating the Tender for an Electric Garbage Truck

We assisted the Swiss municipality of Embrach in selecting an alternative drive technology and drafting a corresponding invitation to tender for a garbage truck. Our interdisciplinary team provided legal and technical support throughout the tendering process. We first compared electric and diesel technologies in terms of cost, market availability, and emissions. Based on our assessment, the municipality opted for the electric drive. This enables Embrach to set an example and reduce environmental pollution (emissions, noise, energy).

Our services

  • Providing legal and technical support
  • Comparing electric and diesel drive technologies
  • Determining the technical specifications (battery capacity, charging infrastructure, etc.) to meet the requirements profile
  • Preparing the invitation to tender documents: vehicle specifications, suitability and award criteria, and definition of tender procedure
  • Formal review and evaluating of the submitted offers; publication of the award of contract

Picture Credits:, Painter06

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