Grid expansion: Scenarios for WWZ’s Target Grid Planning

Determined to develop its power grid to meet future demand, the Zug-based WWZ power company drafted a new grid plan in 2022. To support WWZ's efforts, we developed demand scenarios to test the technical and operational requirements of various grid models. The scenarios show how a strong electrification of the heating and mobility sectors along with a massive expansion of photovoltaics will affect WWZ’s distribution grid. Granular load profiles make it possible to identify bottlenecks in the grid capacity.

Our services

  • Developing specific scenarios for the WWZ service area
  • Integrating the relevant data into the existing grid topography and calibrating to existing load profiles
  • Modeling the energy demand of the general electricity, heat, electromobility and expansion of photovoltaics sectors in two scenarios, each in 2030 and 2045
  • Providing load profile curves in spatial aggregation by household, transformer and substation
  • Supplying data for integration into the grid planning system Neplan10 (.xml)

Picture Credits:, Alvin Lim

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