Overall Concept for Renewable Drives for Lucerne

In the framework of a participatory process, we supported the city of Lucerne in developing a stance on alternative drive systems. In light of Lucerne’s stated goal of attaining net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2040, it is seeking to decarbonize the remaining traffic. Our concept defines the envisioned development scenario along with an action plan that will enable the city to make optimal use of its scope of action.

Our services

  • Developing a basis for renewable drives and bidirectional charging
  • Determining the development of renewable drives and the charging and electricity requirements of the city of Lucerne
  • Collecting and selecting options for decarbonizing transport in a participatory process
  • Developing twelve measures in the areas of publicly accessible charging infrastructure, monetary support, regulation and role model function
  • Assessing and then integrating the selected measures into an action plan

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