Complete Electromobility Concept for the Municipality of Glarus

Based on various future scenarios and qualitative principles, we developed an electromobility concept for the Swiss municipality of Glarus, which shows the expected development of alternative drive systems and defines the municipality's strategy. We defined the municipality's mission statement and objectives, elaborated on three strategic directions and explained the implementation steps. Glarus is now ready for the turnaround in mobility and can plan for long-term action.

Our services

  • Developing scenarios for the development of alternative drives and charging requirements in the municipality
  • Defining the goals and selecting the prioritized fields of action
  • Creating a decarbonization roadmap for the municipal fleet and assessing its overall impact (costs, emissions, energy)
  • Defining the role of the municipality and its public utilities in the realization of an appropriately sized charging network
  • Deriving spatially differentiated recommendations for action
  • Charging infrastructure for employees

Picture Credits:, chuttersnap

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