Transportation models describe the complex relationships that exist between transportation infrastructure and other features of our world, including human settlements, landscapes, the environment, commerce, and community life. We support our clients when it comes to assessing the various interactions and potential impacts of planned transportation measures and other developments.

We use transportation models at the local, regional, and national level to establish a basis for reliable impact assessments and other analyses related to transportation planning.

Transportation modeling and forecasts

Our services include:

  • Creation of transportation models
  • Support for developers working on transportation models
  • Quality assurance for transportation models
  • Studies to provide data for transportation modeling
  • Forecasts of transportation development based on population, business, and real-estate developments
  • Application of transportation models to assess infrastructure projects and public-policy measures
  • Development of transportation-modeling methods
  • Modeling of individual mobility decisions based on surveys and mobility diaries

We make use of cutting-edge instruments and proven IT tools (e.g. from the PTV family of software products), which we also develop and modify to meet specific client needs.