Risk management (Safety and security)

Risk management is an important element in organizational management, whether in the private or public sector. It enables risks and opportunities to be actively monitored and controlled. Systematic and comprehensive risk assessment provides a reliable basis for decision-making processes.

The specific requirements for comprehensive risk management vary depending on the organization and aims. Working to international risk management standards, e.g. ISO 31000, we develop individual and tailored solutions for all our clients.

Based on our many years of extensive experience, we provide support in the following areas:

  • Development of a comprehensive risk management system to analyze and assess risks and opportunities
  • Development of organization-specific risk management principles and guidelines
  • Development of processes for practical and efficient implementation of risk management into existing workflows
  • Support for the development of the associated organizational structures
  • Development of methods, tools and resources to support the entities responsible for risk management
  • Analysis and assessment of organization-specific risks and opportunities, and support for measure planning, implementation and controlling
  • Facilitation and organization of workshops for risk identification and analysis
  • Staff training on risk management