Profile development and use concepts

In order to secure the economic success of a property, the location and the purpose of the building need to be in harmony with each other. As a landowner, property owner or investor, you are faced with huge challenges related to the development of properties and their long-term value. We support and advise you in the development of use and purpose concepts and positioning your real estate projects.

What unique characteristics does the property possess? What sets it apart from other properties? What use or mix of uses optimizes the profitability of the property? Which target groups should be addressed? How can the benefit-cost ratio of a property be optimally calibrated in respect of the target group?

In a competitive market environment, clear profiling and use concepts are the key to success for both re-purposed properties and new developments. We define marketable profiles and use concepts for properties and sites, and support private and public-sector clients with the following services:

  • Generation of location and market analyses,
  • Definition of core values for real estate and site developments attuned to local and regional conditions as well as the characteristics of the site,
  • Identification of target groups and illustration of their needs and requirements,
  • Specification of the benefit-cost ratio of real estate products, as well as quantitative and qualitative benchmarks,
  • Moderation and monitoring of processes for profile development and use concepts.

Our recommendations on profile development and use concepts are based on transparent location and market analyses and underpinned by robust profitability assessments.