Utilization Strategy for Zurich's “Schlachthof” Site

The lease agreement between a Zurich-based slaughterhouse and the city of Zurich, the owner of the “Schlachthof” site, is set to expire in 2029. We worked with the City of Zurich to develop a usage strategy that defines the future usage goals, and elaborates and evaluates various utilization options. The usage strategy served the city council as a basis for decision-making and the subsequent test planning procedure.

Our services

  • Process design and support, including organizing, steering and moderating the city's meeting committees
  • Drafting a site, surroundings and potential analysis; survey of the city development needs; definition and specification of the feasibility of urban production facilities
  • Drafting, assessing and presenting of potential usage variants for the site, including spacial volume studie for each variant
  • Designing, planning, organizing and conducting two public-participation events
  • Development of a utilization strategy

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