In recent years, brownfield site developments and urban concentration projects have become more important in the context of site and regional development. The use of test planning and urban design study processes allows us to help our clients to optimize sites in terms of how they are used and developed. We employ a number of different approaches to achieve these results.

Various constraints present considerable challenges when it comes to developing sites and districts; these include spatial constraints within built-up areas, as well as planning/regulatory and environmental constraints, and a diverse range of demands from different stakeholders. In order to arrive at a mutual understanding and find solutions, there must be dialog and discussion, and the various options must be narrowed down. Test planning and urban-planning study processes are tools which aid this purpose.

We support our clients in the development of complex sites and regions through test planning and urban design study processes, specifically, through:

  • Generating the substantive program content and carrying out preliminary investigations,
  • Drafting proposals for the assessment board, teams, and experts, working together with our clients to configure these groups,
  • Generating a final or summary report,
  • Organizing and moderating workshops
  • Planning and supporting the entire process.