Planning for site development in Uetikon

The “Opportunity for Uetikon” development project, which centers on the site of an abandoned chemicals factory in the Swiss town of Uetikon, has been the subject of intense public interest for years. Working on behalf of the developers, we executed an invitation to tender designs for the site’s transformation, drafted a masterplan and two public development plans, and made final preparations for the site’s conversion. We also provided support for participatory events that helped secure broad public support for the project.

Our services

  • Project management
  • Resolution of various planning-related legal issues
  • Execution of invitation to tender, drafting of masterplan and two public development plans, as well as support for subsequent revision
  • Final preparations for the site’s conversion: preparation for an interim use for the site, clarification of brownfield issues, clarification of access and waste-removal issues, and preliminary planning for lakeshore development
  • Examination of the project’s impact on the municipal budget
  • Involvement of the public throughout the planning process, provision of support for individual events

Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich Building Department, Office of Spatial Development

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