Supplemental Design Plan for the Höckler School Complex

Located on the southern outskirts of Zurich, the Manegg district is gradually being transformed into a combined residential and business district. The city’s latest development plans designate Manegg’s Subdistrict D as the site of a new school facility. We worked closely with city officials to develop a supplemental private design plan towards this end. This plan establishes a sound legal basis for the realization of the future Höckler school complex.

Our services

  • Compiling all applicable regulations; developing a site plan; drafting of an explanatory report according to Art. 47 of the Swiss Spatial Planning Act
  • Ascertaining conformity with shade-avoidance regulations
  • Coordinating the required technical reviews (e.g., pertaining to transportation and groundwater regulations)
  • Accompanying the design plan through the cantonal pre-audit and public circulation
  • Coordinating with the various city departments and cantonal agencies

Picture Credits: © BÜRO KONSTRUKT

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