In area and site development, challenges for private landowners and municipalities are manifold: development potential, use planning and distribution, development, subdivision into building parcels and scheduling are among the many issues which must be addressed. We offer a range of services designed to help our clients find sustainable urban-design solutions that are fit for purpose.

What uses can a particular site accommodate, and how creatively can it be exploited? How high is the density potential? How many square meters of space can be utilized? How might a future use arrangement and distribution look? What urban-design references can be made to the surrounding area? How will the development proceed? Where are the potential construction areas? How might a phased development look?

Landowners are repeatedly faced with these sorts of questions, which are often posed about areas with re-purposing potential - e.g. former industrial and railroad sites or areas earmarked for new urban development. Increasingly, however, such questions are arising in connection with urban concentration potential in areas that are already developed and in use.

We provide our clients with the following services in the context of urban design studies:

  • Robust location and market analyses, as well as profile development and use concepts, which then serve as the basis for urban design considerations,
  • Our urban-design evaluations and proposals are underpinned by logical work steps that are easy to follow and understand
  • The potential development of the area, the locations of the various construction areas, and phased development over time are considerations which are given high priority
  • We discuss our results with our clients on an ongoing basis, and evaluate them based on the clients' objectives and requirements.

Our experience shows that urban planning that is based on sound principles and steps which are easy to follow and understand significantly simplifies the dialogue with all of the stakeholders involved and increases acceptance and understanding of the Project.