Civil engineering and road construction

As architectural designers and civil engineers, we support our clients in all phases of road construction, from the design, engineering and planning of small, medium and large road construction projects to their efficient and cost-effective realization. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to ascertain key and approval-relevant issues during the earliest project phases (e.g. in the context of feasibility studies) and to quickly devise well-calibrated solutions.

We are active in the following areas of road construction and civil engineering:

  • Federal, cantonal and municipal highways and roadway infrastructure
  • Traffic hubs, road junctions and roundabouts
  • Design of plazas and other public spaces
  • Supply and waste-management infrastructure and systems
  • Highway drainage water collection and treatment
  • Noise control
  • Road Safety Audit (RSA)
  • General management and external project management

Our strengths include the efficient coordination of various specialist disciplines and the establishment of cohesive interdisciplinary teams comprised of internal and external engineers and architectural designers throughout all project phases.

We are currently at work on civil engineering projects of various sizes throughout Switzerland. In the context of executing all of our projects, we ensure a responsible and sustainable use of the available resources. This due diligence applies to natural resources and to our approach to scheduling, budget and quality specifications.