Watercourses transport water and debris, shape landscapes, have a balancing effect on the ecosystem, replenish groundwater reserves and create important environments for relaxation and leisure. Hydraulic engineering projects and projects involving the renaturalization or revitalization of watercourses are complex and challenging. A diverse range of factors must be taken into consideration, including settlement development, flood protection, ecology and recreational usage.

Hydraulic engineering projects are characterized by a high level of complexity. Comprehensive solutions require consideration of hydraulic, hydraulic-engineering, nature conservation, urban development, and recreation and tourism perspectives.

We analyze the current status, identify what action is needed, and offer phased solutions.

Our hydraulic engineering competences include:

  • Hydraulic engineering projects: project development from the concept through to detailed design and implementation
  • Compensatory and replacement measures: development of measures pertaining to watercourses, such as for infrastructure or hydroelectric power projects
  • Hydraulic modelling (including debris): 1D and 2D simulations
  • Maintenance and care plans for watercourses

On request, we also undertake work in related areas such as land management, communications, public relations and legal counseling.