Critical infrastructure ensures the supply of essential goods and services. Society is highly dependent on this infrastructure. The goal of protecting critical infrastructure is to reduce the frequency or scope of damage in the event of an incident and minimize infrastructure downtime.

We have many years of extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Development and application of quantitative risk analysis
  • Analysis of the acceptability of risks and definition of protection objectives
  • Analysis of the relevance of critical infrastructure for systems as a whole as well as individual structures
  • Risk management
  • Planning of measures to increase the resilience and durability of critical infrastructure
  • Scenario development and emergency drills

We attach special importance to the following issues and services:

  • Survey of critical infrastructure inventories
  • Functional value analysis
  • Analyses for complex, networked facility systems (e.g. chemical plants, data centers, hospitals, large tank installations, high-pressure gas lines)
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Specialized services in reliability analysis (system reliability) and behavior of structures under dynamic and thermal loads (structural dynamics)

Our customers are public as well as private institutions.