Stäfa is Ready to Face Power Shortages

After the Swiss government issued a warning on the possibility of power shortages, we worked with the administration of the Swiss municipality of Stäfa to develop a power shortage concept. In it, we focused on ensuring critical services such as water supply, health and safety. For each of these sectors, we analyzed power consumption and drew up savings and emergency measures. We also supported the crisis team and designed an information brochure for residents.

Our services

  • Preparing an overview of municipal electricity consumers and identifying the major consumers
  • Elaborating power-saving and allocation plans for any necessary rationing
  • Identifying critical municipal services
  • Developing concepts for maintaining these services during a power shortage (e.g., emergency power supply or organizational measures)
  • Advising the municipality`s crisis team
  • Drafting a communication concept and a flyer for residents

Image: Stäfa is prepared to face power shortages

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