Flexible Trading of Allocated Power during Power Shortages

Major consumers of electrical power may become subject to fixed allocations of electricity during a power shortage. In the interest of expanding the range of power-management options during power shortages, grid regulators should allow (1) consumers to trade their unused power allocations and (2) multi-site consumers to distribute their total allocations as they see fit across all their sites.

We developed a range of possible solutions to enable both power-allocation trading and cross-site management of allocations for multi-site consumers.

Our services

  • Identifying market conditions and consumer needs through expert interviews and stakeholder workshops
  • Developing of readily implementable solutions that would enable allocation trading and the cross-site management of total allocations by multi-site consumers
  • Developing the requirements for a long-term software solution for allocation trading and for multi-site consumers
  • Evaluating the various solutions
  • Drafting of recommendations for short and long-term implementation

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