Procurement of BIM services

We offer competent support for public-enterprise developers when it comes to procuring BIM services in the areas of civil and structural engineering. Depending on the object to be purchased, we ascertain the optimal procedure and support our clients with our BIM expertise when ordering the specific services.

When using BIM, contracting parties immediately face important questions concerning project organization, collaboration, liability, data-usage rights, etc. There are still no generally accepted standards for handling these issues today once a decision to procure BIM services has been made. Moreover, not all of the relevant stakeholders have sufficient experience with BIM projects. BIM procurements therefore remain a challenge for public sector developers as they seek to comply with contract and tendering laws.

From procurement concept to contract signing

We offer competent support to our clients when it comes to procuring BIM services for civil and structural engineering projects and accompany them from the establishment of a procurement concept to the drafting of the tendering and contract documents and the execution of a suitable procedure. When doing so, we make sure that the documents to be drafted dovetail optimally with existing structures and procedures.

Tailor-made teams for our clients

Whenever needed, we expand our teams with our own specialists (e.g. in the areas of special civil engineering, railway construction, and value retention), who take a project-specific approach to formulating the information specifications and are also able to provide expert consulting services across the entire lifecycle.