BIM@SBB: Procurement, supply chain and legal

With its BIM@SBB program, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is launching a large-scale digitization and transformation program. In the process, SBB is breaking new ground and actively advancing the goals of the Swiss Federal Council's digitization strategy.

We are supporting SBB in the procurement, supply chain and legal disciplines (ESP) as it develops its strategy for purchasing BIM services. The focus is on the potential use of BIM in the procurement and supply chain areas as well as its impact on current and future procurement processes.

Our services

  • Analyzing and optimizing supply chain and procurement processes (planner and plant services)
  • Identifying BIM benefits and applications in the ESP and legal fields
  • Testing ESP applications and legal issues in pilot projects
  • Visual representation of information requirements in tender documentation
  • Developing specification documents for the procurement of BIM planning and plant services and formulating BIM service specifications.
  • Contributing to the conceptual design of contract architecture and standard contracts

Picture Credits: ©SBB CFF FFS


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