Analyzing Railway System Risks

Railway system operators face the challenge of operating their systems cost effectively while also meeting the high expectations of their customers when it comes to safety and reliability. While funding for investments in safety remains limited, customer demands are continuously rising. We systematically address the specific risks and their acceptability in order to identify acceptable solutions in individual cases.

Risk analyses enable railway operators to reliably estimate the potential risks of railway operation in terms of frequency of occurrence and losses per occurrence. Our work focuses on establishing a basis for smart, risk-related decision-making and an optimal use of resources. Our clients include infrastructure operators and authorities in Switzerland and abroad.

Our services include:

  • Assessing accident risks and hazards
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analyses
  • Specifying risk-minimization goals and risk acceptance criteria
  • Assessing risks to persons, property and the environment
  • Drafting of comprehensive risk assessments for entire railway systems
  • Drafting of detailed analyses of specific risks relating to railway transportation
  • Verification of sufficient safety in the event of deviations from standards and guidelines as well as in the case of new technological developments
  • Oversight of risk management procedures in accordance with the EU’s Common Safety Methods (CSM)
  • Developing risk models and tools
  • Presentation and communication of risks to the appropriate audience

EBP has been recognized by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport as a certified risk assessment agent (PDF in German).

Picture Credits:, rodrix147