As a developer or building user, you want to ensure that your space requirements are met over the long term, and you want to develop and manage your real estate efficiently. You have the complex task of defining your strategic direction and needs as the basis for specific construction work and operational actions, and then implementing the corresponding processes. We support you as you develop an underlying real estate strategy for these endeavors, a vision for your development plan or suitable occupancy strategies and space standards.

Our task-specific interdisciplinary teams work with customers to develop viable, sustainable solutions. Our solutions strike a balance between client needs and the surrounding economic, spatial and legal environment. We identify what action is needed and describe possible scenarios and developments. Then we support you as you define your strategic goals and frameworks and determine the appropriate steps to take. We attach special importance to providing a holistic, forward-looking perspective as well as efficient, integrative process design and communication.

We specialize in large projects and complex organizations. In the education sector (lecture halls and classrooms) and research and administrative sectors (office space, workstation concepts, laboratories) in particular, we have many years of experience and sound knowledge of current and future developments.

We actively support you with the following services for existing structures and new builds entering the development phase, as well as at the portfolio level and individual-building level:

  • Visions and mission statements
  • Development forecasting and portfolio analysis
  • Investment planning and stakeholder analysis
  • Real estate strategies
  • Development strategies and project strategies
  • Occupancy strategies, use-group mixes and space standards